Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Art of Hand Lettering

I took a calligraphy class almost a year ago and wish that I had more time to practice this beautiful form of art.  The old adage definitely holds true for this skill...practice makes perfect! 

So, in an effort to try to hone this craft, I've decided to do calligraphy on the envelopes of my baby's birth announcements. I know...lofty goal, right?? Well, I went ahead and ordered the envelopes and ink, and have already gotten started on the project. Here is the style that is inspiring me...

I love Laura Hooper's gorgeous calligraphy. She offers so many different styles to choose from...can we say this is one talented lady?? I like the mix of calligraphy and print on this envelope and am hoping it will help me address the envelopes a bit faster. I figure if I can knock out most of them before baby comes than I should be able to accomplish this goal. Fingers crossed!!

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