Wednesday, April 2, 2014

DIY: A Lamp Transformed

When I saw this DIY over on Camille Styles' blog, I just knew I had to try it! I am crazy about gold accents in home furnishings and love incorporating them into my decor.

{Images above via Camille Styles}

While, I didn't have a mirror that needed updating, I did have an old lamp in my living room that has been desperately calling for a new look. I have never really liked this was a hand-me-down, but most of the floor lamps I am crazy about are currently way out of my budget. So, I thought this could be a quick inexpensive fix! 

So, what do you think?? Not a dramatic transformation, but one that was long overdue. I feel like my lamp blends in better with my space and doesn't look out of date like before. If you want to tackle this DIY on a piece of furniture in your home, here is what you need...

1. Painter's tape
2. Drop cloth
3. Krylon Gold Foil Metallic spray paint
4. Rub N Buff
5. Small artist's paint brush

And, here is how to get the look...

1. Wipe down piece of furniture with a damp cloth to get rid of any dust.
2. Place item on top of drop cloth and use painter's tape to cover any areas you don't want painted gold.
3. Spray item with Krylon spray paint according to directions on can. (My can of paint was a little problematic - it kept wanting to spray after I lifted my finger off the nozzle. I turned it upside down and this seemed to fix the problem. Just be aware!)
4. After spray paint has dried brush on rub n buff to give a little added texture.
5. Remove any painter's tape and enjoy your new look!

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